Technology Trap - We Must Love Each Other or We Must Die 004

Traces of people lost, Ursula Le Guin and Jóhann Jóhannsson in there somewhere. Spiky punk bits and long quiet bits. Moments of joy. And, by way of James Burke’s Connections, a bunch of pressing questions that haven’t really changed since the year I was born.

We Must Love Each Other or We Must Die - 004 - Technology Trap

Full track listing:

Primitive Motion / Feed the Signals / House In the Wave
Ursula K. Le Guin & Todd Barton / Heron Dance / Music and Poetry of the Kesh
R Beny / Light Leak / Full Blossom of the Evening
Mary Lattimore / Hello from the Edge of the Earth / Hundreds of Days
A Winged Victory For The Sullen / Long May It Sustain / Long May It Sustain - Single
Anouar Brahem, Dave Holland, Jack DeJohnette & Django Bates / La Passante / Blue Maqams
Phew / Just a Familiar Face / Voice Hardcore
Anna von Hausswolff / The Truth, The Glow, The Fall / The Truth, The Glow, The Fall - EP
Rafael Anton Irisarri / Vasastan / Sirimiri
Kelly Lee Owens / Arthur / Kelly Lee Owens
Hailu Mergia / Lala Belu / Lala Belu
Jos Tieman / Beast / James Tenney: Postal Pieces
Modern Studies / The Bold Fisherman / Swell to Great
Felicia Atkinson / No Fear But Anticipation / Hand In Hand
King Woman / I Wanna Be Adored / I Wanna Be Adored - Single
Tom Rogerson & Brian Eno / Chain Home / Finding Shore
Iona Fortune / Meng / Tao of I
Tara Jane O'Neil / Cali / Tara Jane O'Neil
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith / In the World, but Not of the World / The Kid
EMA / I Wanna Destroy / Exile In the Outer Ring
Petra Glynt / The Cold / This Trip
JASSS / Cotton For Lunch / Weightless
Cucina Povera / Demetra / Hilja
Six Organs of Admittance / Abandoned Problems / Hexadic III
Camp Cope / The Opener / How to Socialise & Make Friends
Dedekind Cut / Tahoe / Tahoe
Yann Novak / The Inertia of Time / The Future Is a Forward Escape into the Past
Ryuichi Sakamoto / solari (Johann Johannsson Rework) / Async Remodels
CV & JAB / Brick With Modern Form (B. Hepworth) / Zin Taylor’s Thoughts of a Dot As It Travels a Surface
Nordic Affect & Valgeir Sigurdsson / Raindamage / Raindamage
U.S. Girls / Pearly Gates / In a Poem Unlimited
Xylouris White / Spud’s Garden / Mother
Dorothy Ashby / Action Line / Afro-Harping