About Buckslip

Buckslip is edited and written by Patrick Pittman and Chris Frey (who work together as No Media Company) with John Di Palma, Chris Lange, Eli Burnstein and Anna Duckworth. It comes together in Toronto and elsewhere most Sundays, but not all Sundays, and goes out to somewhere north of 1,000 readers around the globe.

The illustrations are all Chris Lange’s fault.

You can email us at yeshello@buckslip.email. If you want to manage your subscription, you can do that over at Mailchimp using the links in your email, or just get in touch with us and we’ll help you out.

We started this email under a different name when most of us were working together at an agency job we didn't particularly like. We were also putting together a magazine, The Alpine Review, which we liked a lot more. After we all moved on to our own adventures, we started this one fresh, and it sort of grew into its own thing.

This is not a commercial venture. There is no advertising, will be no advertising, and the core email will always be free. As much as anything, we do it to make sense of things for ourselves, and to figure out what questions we need to be asking.