Buckslip began life as an email letter (with companion extra bits) in which a few friends wander through the landscape of all that we’re living through together now, and weave a few sensemaking threads from what we find. It started with a media and culture focus, but over the years it’s grown into something not quite exactly that. There’s too much else going on.

“Not just internet culture, but Culture, given the internet,” as one astute reader put it, and we like that framing. We do this for love, and for our own understanding, but along the way we've found a likeminded community of people who seem to appreciate us working it out in front of them?

After a hiatus in 2021, we return with some loose plans to evolve into a broader platform of... stuff.

Buckslip is edited and written by Patrick Pittman and Chris Frey (who work together as No Media Company) with occasional contributions from John Di Palma, Chris Lange, Eli Burnstein and Anna Duckworth.

It comes together in Toronto and elsewhere most weeks, but not all weeks, and goes out to the inboxes around the globe.

You can email us at yeshello@buckslip.email. If you want to manage your subscription, you can do that with the hovering account icon down at the bottom, or just get in touch with us and we’ll help you out.

Buckslip is published by No Media Company. It is not a commercial venture in and of itself. There is no advertising, will be no advertising, and the core email will always be free. As much as anything, we do it to make sense of things for ourselves, and to figure out what questions we need to be asking.