This is just a little note in case you think we’ve disappeared. We wanted to let you all know that it's time for Buckslip to take its summer break; it’s just too sunny out to have worthwhile opinions on anything, so we’re going to kick back and let the good times happen.

The next couple of months have a bunch of adventures in them for all of us, far-flung and nearby, as well as plenty of reading time. We’ll tell you all about the best bits when we return to your inboxes in September, with fresh hot takes, new twists and intrigue, and maybe some thoughts about distant mountains. Miss you til then, and just email us if you miss us too, eh?

✌️ x

ps. We recommend you spend the entire time we’re gone playing with this atlas of the soundscapes of non-existent islands. We will be.

If you need our opinions while we're gone, here’s all our old ones, ready to recycle.

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