Artist Track Album
Connie Converse Talkin' Like You (Two Tall Mountains) How Sad, How Lovely
Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus Vespers Songs of Yearning
Mary Lattimore & Mac McCaughan II New Rain Duets
Reena Esmail, Chicago Sinfonietta & Mei-Ann Chen Charukeshi bandish Project W: Works by Diverse Women Composers
Pantha du Prince Holding the Oak Conference of Trees
Elita, Ella, and Mary Hoffpauir Six Ans Sur Mer John A. Lomax southern states collection, 1933-1937
Marty Robbins Big Iron Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs
Oliver Coates Sky With Four Moons John Luther Adams’ Canticles of the Sky + Three High Places
Meitei Nami Komachi
Si Kahn Lawrence Jones New Wood
Luke Abbott Tree Music from the Edge of an Island
Richard Skelton Spur Border Ballads
JAB Erg Herbe Erg Herbe
Kate Carr I Came To See The Damage That Was Done The Thing Itself And Not The Myth
Maja S. K. Ratkje Sjå, Åmioda - og ikke en lyd kom mig fra strupen Sult
Aaron Martin Form Hanging in Air A Room Now Empty
Mdou Moctar Anna Ilana (The Creator)
Erik Wøllo Soft Journey Sources (Early Works 1986-1992)
Lightbath The Hermit full/new
Agnes Obel Broken Sleep Myopia
Deaf Center Faded Earth Low Distance
Daniel Schmidt In My Arms, Many Flowers In My Arms, Many Flowers
Kouta Katsutaro Asu ha otachika Kouta Katsutaro
Vijay Iyer & Craig Taborn Sensorium (Live at Liszt Academy, Budapest, 2018) The Transitory Poems (Live at Liszt Academy, Budapest, 2018)
Daniel Thorne From the Other Side of the World Lines of Sight
Maria Somerville This Way All My People
William Basinski On Time Out of Time 1.2 On Time Out of Time
Hama Touareg Houmeissa
Ahmed Ag Kaedy Imetawan Akaline Kidal
Awudu Messenger Seero This Is Frafra Power
Karl Fousek Chapter 2 In the Forest - EP
Julia Reidy Imminently Beholder
Tara Jane O'Neil Loop Yoake - Music From and Near the Film
Sarah Louise R Mountain Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars
Julia Kent Imbalance Temporal
Sourakata Koité Moussa en Hollande
The Caretaker Losing battle of loss Everywhere, an empty bliss
Areni Agbabian & Nicolas Stocker Patience Bloom
Astrïd Nemalion A Porthole (I)
Kelly Moran Water Music (Piano Solo) Origin EP
Ekin Fil Speak In Koma
Alva Noto A Forest A Forest - Single
Laurel Halo Breath Possessed
Nina Simone Vous etes seuls, mais je désire etre avec vous Fodder on My Wings
Clarice Jensen Metastable The experience of repetition as death
Felicia Atkinson Everything Evaporate Everything Evaporate
Ak'chamel, The Giver Of Illness The Funeral of a Woman Whose Soul is Trapped in the Sun The Totemist
Jacaszek Encounter Me In the Orchard Music for Film
Irreversible Entanglements No Más Who Sent You?
Metal Preyers Night Walk Metal Preyers
Hilary Woods Lay Bare Birthmarks
Wrekmeister Harmonies Coyotes of Central Park We Love To Look at the Carnage
Svitlana Nianio & Oleksandr Yurchenko Untitled 6 Знаєш як? Розкажи
Rebecca Foon Waxing Moon Waxing Moon
Danish String Quartet String Quartet No. 3: II. Agitato Prism II
Anne Müller Aarhus / Reminiscences Heliopause
Pauline Anna Strom Virgin Ice Trans-Millenia Music
U.S. Girls 4 American Dollars Heavy Light

Samples of Murray Schafer and the children of a suburban Toronto classroom lifted from the wonderful Bing Bang Boom, and Sterling Hayden and his occasionally empty bottle from the almost-impossible-to-watch-but-incredible-nonetheless Pharos of Chaos.

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