We Must Love Each Other or We Must Die - 007 - For the Bedouin Coffee Grinders

Mary Jane Leach / Semper Dolens / (f)lute songs
Kelly Moran / Helix / Ultraviolet
Akira Rabelais / Gymnopedie No.1 / Eisoptrophobia
Janek Schaefer / Tree at the End of the World / What Light There Is Tells Us Nothing
Shida Shahabi / Abisme / Homes
Hilary Woods / Inhaler / Colt
Eli Keszler / Flying Floor For U.S. Airways / Stadium
Maarja Nuut & Ruum / Mahe / Muunduja
Brother Ah / Nature’s Children / Move Ever Onward
Sebastian Gandera / La Visite Au Musee / Le Raccourci
Deben Bhattacharya / Unidentified coffee grinders (two different grinders, switching hands halfway through) - Bedouin coffee grinding beats / Paris to Calcutta: Men and Music on the Desert Road
Sam Wilkes / Hug / Wilkes
Sean McCann & Maxwell August Croy / Alastria / II
Julia Holter / In Gardens’ Muteness / Aviary
Thomas Bloch & Christian Badzura / The Light She Brings (Thomas Bloch Version) / Conatus
Mike Cooper / La'ap Blues / Tropical Gothic
Nik Turner and Youth / Nibiru Calling / Pharaohs from Outer Space
M. Geddes Gengras / Nave / Light Pipe
G.B. Beckers / Walkman / Walkman
Natsukashii / Wildlife / Driving East
Joe McKee / Joe’s Wild Imagination / An Australian Alien
Jessica Moss / Fractals (Truth 4) / Entanglement
Koray Kantarcioglu / 263 Loop / Loopworks
Kasper Bjorke / 50 11 / Kasper Bjorke Quartet: The Fifty Eleven Project
Mariska Aldrich / Magasan Repul a Daru, Szepen Szal / The Rare Wax Cylinder Masters
Maxim Rysanov, Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra & Kristina Blaumane / Concerto for Violoncello and Strings: II. Longing / Dobrinka Tabakova: String Paths
Molly Nilsson / Out of the Blue / 2020
Soundwalk Collective / Object of Human Pursuit / Death Must Die
Prosper Razafimamdimby (5-stringed violin) / Na Inoa E! / To Catch a Ghost: Field Recordings from Madagascar
Baba Commandant and the Mandingo Band / Siraba Kele / Siri Ba Kele
Deben Bhattacharya / Khalil Akrawi, vocals, spoons - Kasam-e-Meru (excerpt from a 25-minute piece) / Paris to Calcutta: Men and Music on the Desert Road
Ian William Craig / And Therefore the Moonlight / Thresholder
Amalia Paoli / Mignon: Connais-tu Le Pays? / The Rare Wax Cylinder Masters
Kim Kashkashian / Cello Suite No. 2 in D Minor, BWV 1008 (Transcr. for Viola): 4. Sarabande / J.S. Bach: Six Suites for Viola Solo
Deben Bhattacharya / Shapoore Delshadi, tar - Tar solo in isfahan dastgah / Paris to Calcutta: Men and Music on the Desert Road
Vikingur Olafsson / Organ Sonata No. 4, BWV 528: 2. Andante [Adagio] (Transcr. by August Stradal) / Johann Sebastian Bach
The Crossing, Doris Hall Gulati, Rebecca Harris, Mandy Wolman, Lorenzo Raval, Arlen Hlusko & Donald Nally / Zealot Canticles: No. 6, Armed with Book and Beard / Zealot Canticles
Laraaji, Dallas Acid & Arji OceAnanda / Full Moon Serenade / Arrive Without Leaving
Loretta Lynn / Ruby’s Stool / Wouldn’t It Be Great

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