Quiet things to dream to, strange noises to jolt you awake, occasional stumbles into metal, sneaky country cameos, exactly one banger. At one point you’re in Drumnadrochit with a cheering crowd for some reason, and sometimes people shout things to blow up the world to. If you make it all the way to the end, you’ll find John Prine and Iris DeMent duetting there, and what a lovely place to that is to wind up, no?

We Must Love Each Other or We Must Die - 001 - Insect Politics

Me at the Mixcloud. Full track listing:

Valley of Dry Bones / Moor Mother / Fetish Bones
We Are the Halluci Nation (feat. John Trudell & Northern Voice) / A Tribe Called Red / We Are the Halluci Nation
Are you coming home to-night? / Harry Anthony and James F. Harrison / Edison Blue Amberol: 1984
The Primary Menstruum or Mother-liquid / *AR / Earth by Means of the Currents
Conceptual Romance / Jenny Hval / Blood Bitch
The Collector (And the Art Mob) / Terry Allen / Lubbock (On Everything)
Hadirlah Suci / Senyawa / Menjadi
Natural Blue / Julie Byrne / Not Even Happiness
Systems / Layers / Rachel’s / Systems / Layers
Lift Him Up That’s All / Washington Phillips / The Key To the Kingdom
Where You’re Meant to Be / Aidan Moffat / Where You’re Meant to Be
The Banks of Green Willow / Shirley Collins / Lodestar
Cathedral Et Chartres / Jack Rose / Kensington Blues
It’s just a burning memory / The Caretaker / Everywhere at the end of time - Stage 1
Silent Inuit / Willie Thrasher / Spirit Child
Arkansas River / Dylan Golden Aycock / Church of Level Track
Time’s Tiny Tears / Kevin Hufnagel / Backwards Through the Maze - EP
INSECT / Gideon Wolf / Year Zero
Stone Beacon / Deaf Center / Pale Ravine
Sonata (1965): III. Allegretto / Beatrice Rauchs / Best - Sofia Gubaidulina
Please / Blanck Mass / World Eater
Orison / Tilman Robinson / Deer Heart
Avril 14th / Murcof & Vanessa Wagner / Statea
Nagisa / Isonade (feat. Dakota Suite & Vampillia) / Dakota Suite & Vampillia / The Sea Is Never Full
Cosmow / BBS / Palace
Deadbeat Protest / Moor Mother / Fetish Bones
Wrong / King Woman / Doubt - EP
Retribution / Tanya Tagaq / Retribution - Single
Hey, Musicians / Xylouris White / Black Peak
Object of Projection (feat. Thor Harris, Chris Abrahams & Heinz Riegler) / Lawrence English / Cruel Optimism
Call me back, pal, o'mine / Elizabeth Spencer and Charles Hart / Edison Blue Amberol: 4666
Late April / Sarah Louise / Solo Acoustic, Vol. 12
Headache / Grouper / Paradise Valley - Single
Closer to Closure / Jherek Bischoff / Cistern
Szczecin / Christine Ott / Only Silence Remains
360deg / Thalia Zedek / Eve
Drunk / Svarte Greiner / Drunk, Road, Tree - Single
A broken heart / National String Quartet / Edison Amberol: 257
Tear My Stillhouse Down (Home Demo) / Gillian Welch / Boots No. 1: The Official Revival Bootleg
Who’s Gonna Take the Garbage Out (feat. Iris DeMent) / John Prine / For Better, or Worse

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